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+Thunderbird Standard Library
+The goal of this project is to provide a nice set of wrappers to get started
+quickly when developing a Thunderbird addon. The [initial
+on Google groups details the ideas.
+The following areas should be covered by this library:
+* sending a message, possibly in HTML,
+* doing various things with messages, including marking them as read, archiving
+ them, deleting them, getting the associated tags...
+* wrappers for commong address book actions, such as quickly saving an email
+ address in some address book,
+* various util functions: escaping text for HTML insertion, accessing the user's
+ identities...
+Gloda, `MailUtils.jsm`, `GlodaUtils.js` already provide useful functions. The
+goal is not to replace these, but rather to fill in the gaps. These functions
+are used by the "Thunderbird Conversations" and "Compose in a tab" extensions.

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