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Installing ProudCity Wordpress

  1. Install Composer and WP-CLI.
curl -sS | sudo php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer
curl -O | chmod +x wp-cli.phar | sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp
  1. Clone and build code
git clone
cd wp-proudcity
composer install --no-dev
cp wp-config.php wordpress
# Edit your wp-config.php values
  1. Copy the contents of ./wordpress to the www-root of a server and install WordPress as normal

  2. Install WordPress plugins and configure site.

A starter MySQL database dump is available (administer u: admin, p: test). This installs all of the ProudCity plugins and sets up a couple example pages. You can view an example of this site at

If you prefer, you can run the WP-CLI commands below to install the plugins and themes manually.

WordPress Plugins

(list last updated 1/1/2018)

# Third Party
wp plugin activate --allow-root \
  admin-menu-editor \
  intuitive-custom-post-order \
  disable-comments \
  events-manager \
  iframe \
  mce-table-buttons \
  siteorigin-panels \
  safe-redirect-manager \
  simple-staff-list \
  so-widgets-bundle \
  wordpress-faq-manager \
  wp-job-manager \
  wordpress-seo \
  wp-quick-menu \

# ProudCity
wp plugin activate --allow-root \
  wp-proud-core \
  wp-proud-actions-app \
  wp-proud-admin \
  wp-proud-agency \
  wp-proud-dashboard \
  wp-proud-directory \
  wp-proud-document \
  wp-proud-issue \
  wp-proud-location \
  wp-proud-map-app \
  wp-proud-payment \
wp theme activate wp-proud-theme --allow-root

These commands require wp-cli.