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Provable EOS Examples - CDT 1.7 Join the chat at Contributions Welcome! HitCount

Here you can find some code examples showing just how easy it is to integrate the Provable Service into your EOS smart-contracts! Thanks to our CDT 1.7 EOS API using Provable in your projects couldn't be more straightforward. In C++ it is as simple as importing provable/eos_api.hpp in your contract like so:

    #include "provable/eos_api.hpp"

This provisions your contract with the provable_query() function (and many others!), which makes it trivial to leverage our technology straight away.

🎉 Happy developing!

🌐 Network Availability

The oracle service is currently available on:

  • EOS Mainnet
  • EOS Jungle 3 Testnet
  • EOS Kylin Testnet

💻 CDT Availability

The master branch is currently referring to EOSIO.CDT 1.7, please check the releases for the specific CDT version:

  • CDT 1.7
  • CDT 1.6
  • CDT 1.4

✒️ Notes

This is a list of the features you will find amongst the examples, along with a reference to the relevant example:

  • Sending simple URL Queries! #1 #2 #3
  • Scheduling a query for a future date! #1 #2
  • Sending calls recursively! #1
  • Requesting Android authenticity proofs! #1
  • Requesting IPFS storage for the authenticity proofs! #1
  • Leveraging JSONPATH parsing helpers! #1
  • Leveraging XPATH parsing helpers! #1
  • Using the random datasouce! #1
  • Using the computation datasouce! #1 #2
  • Using the WolframAlpha datasource! #1
  • Using the encrypted query! #1

📢 Support

If you need any help working with the examples here, you can get timely support in the Provable Gitter channel.