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The LinkToId Chrome extension

This is an extension for the Chrome web browser that allows you to easily identify and navigate to linkable elements on a web page. A linkable element is any element with a non-empty ID attribute.

What for?

Not too seldom, I find that I want to link to a specific part of a web page. In the old days, I would go hunting in the web page source for a named anchor, and manually construct the URL. Recently, I learned that any element with a non-empty ID can be linked to. I decided to make a Chrome extension to make the linking process more convenient, and to learn how to write an extension. :-)

How does it work?

When the trigger keys are pressed, a tooltip will show information about the current linkable element, which may be an ancestor of the element under the mouse if that element does not have a non-empty ID.

The trigger keys are Ctrl + Alt. This is currently hard-coded in the extension.


The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store:


The code is released under the MIT license. See for further details, or the LICENSE file.