The is the central location for the Provisioner Module for VoIP/PBX Servers. Most of the new work is happening inside the v5-dev branch
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Quick Overview

-More Information can be found at:

General Files

autoload.php - Project Autoloader Class

packager.php - takes this project and combines it into tgz packages that can then be used on systems like Endpoint Manager for FreePBX

merge_data.php - Merges all json data into one json export depending on brand & family.


parse_csv.php - uses phones.csv to generate TFTPboot files

demo.php - Web based demo

process.php - Web based processor

display.php - Web based GUI


phpunittest.php - Requires phpunit ( used to test before release

check_json.php - Checks all json files for json error - Generates all configs from all brands.


json.php - Needed for php less than 5.3

timezone.php - Needed for php less than 5.3