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  1. Docker Container to build CoreMedia Workspaces like CMCC-10, CMS-9, or LiveContext 3 based on on Platform Releases from 1701 to at least 2101

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  2. Forked from blackappsolutions/cmccAppCreator

    Creates a boilerplate CoreMedia ContentCloud-App subfolder structure with maven poms and a Dockerfile


  3. Ansible Playbook to transfer the Contents of one CoreMedia CMS-9 or LiveContext3 Environment to another - like from Production to Test - via Database Transfer and additional CoreMedia specific Tool…

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  4. Simple CoreMedia extension to dynamically generate PDF from HTML code as a filter as an example for a separated extension as an indepdenent unit of development

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  5. Configurable minimal content site "Hello World" generator for CoreMedia CMS-9 to obtain clean starting points for content setup.


  6. Stratigraph produces a graph of the mutual usages of source code packages of a software system and derives a layering from this graph. As a result it may check, if the software adheres to a layerin…

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