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Configurable minimal content site "Hello World" generator for CoreMedia CMS-9 to obtain clean starting points for content setup.
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Configurable Hello World Content

A Hello World content set as a minimal demo site or a starting point to set up a new site in an otherwise empty system.

Of course global base content and themes must be available and the theme in use defaults to the corporate-theme.

The Corporate Site Demo content may reside next to this.

Configure Content

The content for even the smallest Site needs to have the following items set

  • A base name - "Hello World" as a default in this case
  • A locale - we chose the de-DE for this example
  • A base path - /Sites/HelloWorld as our default

So alongside with the content describing files, this workspace contains the tooling to prepare base names, locales and base folders before packaging the then modified content into an archives which later can be easily imported with the usual "serverimport" into the Content Management Server.


Just the defaults for a site residing in /Sites/HelloWorld:

gradle build

Modify the locale to english in the US:

gradle -Plocale=en-US build

This doesn't change the content but the locale setting in each of the documents.

Also the paths can be modified:

gradle -Pcontentpath=HelloWorld/UnitedStates/English build

Of course the prefix /Sites is constant.

Likewise the site Code and Title can be changed:

gradle -Ptitle="Hello Globe" build

This results in a short title of "HelloGlobe" and a URL root segment of helloglobe which is also used for the host name mapping.

Those derived values can be overridden with:

gradle -Prootsegment=hello build
gradle -Pshorttitle=hello build

To set the host mapping base value use the following property:

gradle -Psitemapping=helloagain build
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