Simple Responsive Template for web design
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Simple is a responsive starter web site template. It is intended to be basic and bare-bone, with minimum styling and options included. Still, it has features clients usually would ask for: menu with drop-downs, slider, grid layout. See full list of features below.

Simple is mainly for web designers (beginner to intermediate level). But it is so simple (pun intended:) ), that any person with very little knowledge of HTML can modify and use it.

To build a website with Simple, download it and add your own content and pages. Or, if you want a different design, you can tweak the CSS. In either case, you will have a device-agnostic website that works and looks great on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This tutorial will get you started and help you build a fully-functional site.

Simple is compatible with FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, Opera Mini, Safari, IE9, 10. It is also compatible with IE8, but they will see the mobile layout. IE 6 and IE7 Must Die!

Simple is a FREE software, released without any warranty under Common Public Attribution License. Simple can be used in personal or commercial projects for free provided you keep the attribution statement intact. Read more about terms of use here

If you want to use Simple without attribution link, buy us a coffee and get a waiver: