Add real-time grammar checking, spellchecking, style improvements and terminology checking to ProseMirror
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BeyondGrammar plugin for ProseMirror editor

Bring real-time spelling, grammar and style checking into your ProseMirror editor. Perfect for CMSs, help desk systems and blogs.

To add real-time grammar, spell and style checking to your ProseMirror editor you just need to install this add-in. It's free for individuals and reasonably proced for multi-user licenses.

Why choose our plugin?

Our state-of-the-art grammar checker is used by over 500,000 users. It contains many unique features that you won't find in other solutions. These include:

  • Entity spellchecking. We check over 2 million people, places, teams, towns and other terms. It highlights where you may have incorrectly spelled a name. e.g. Andy Murrey => Andy Murray

  • Contextual spelling. We use artificial intelligence to highlight where you may have used a word in the incorrect context. It's easy to mistype a word, or slip a homonym in the wrong place, but we will highlight these, e.g. He is my best fiend in all the world. or I love my knew shoes. Most other grammar checkers just use simple rules than only catch a fraction of possible mistakes.

  • Style checking. We include over 15,000 potential style improvements for you text to ensure that it's not only grammatically correct, but also well-written and punchy.

  • Contextual thesaurus. Our contextual thesaurus looks at the context of the word you want to look up. It then limits the suggestions to just those so you can quickly pick the right synonym. There's also a full thesaurus option if you prefer that.

How to build and see an example

Example usage

NOTE: You will need to register to get a API key first (FREE for Individuals)!

You can see an example of how to use the plugin in the prosemirror.html file in this repository.

You can use our CDB version to load the plugin code: