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Αutomation Scripts

Description: Adds multiple data disks to an Azure VM

  • Shows the disk capacity of the VM and asks how many disks to add.
  • Prompts for the size of every disk
  • Checks for empty Luns to add the disks

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Description: This script checks all containers of an Azure storage account. At each conteiner if a blob with a spesific extension is missing then it deletes all bllobs in that container

Get the Average CPU percentage above a specific limit that you will specify for an Azure VM.

Get the Average CPU percentage above a specific limit that you will specify for a list of Azure VMs. The list must be named "vmlist.csv" and must have two columns, one named "vmname" and one "resourcegroupname". You can download a sample vm list from here: vmlist.csv

./multipleVmsCPU.ps1 > .\export.txt

Description: Exports all Rule Colections & Rules of an Azure Firewall Rule Collection Group in a CSV file. More info at:

Description: Imports all Rules from a CSV to a Rule Collection of an Azure Firewall Policy. More info at:

Description: Create all required Routes for Databricks when deployed at your oen network (VNet). More info at: Template csv with all West & North Europe required IPs:

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Get the Policy Json files: Audit privateEndpointNetworkPolicies Enable privateEndpointNetworkPolicies

Description: Create multiple VNETs

Description: Azure Backup for VMs Automation

  • Change policy for backup items
  • Stop protection for multiple vms
  • Resume protection for multiple vms

Description: Create multiple VMs with AzCli


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