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Qlive is a full-stack integration testing tool for running QUnit JavaScript tests against a live Rack server. It is mainly intended to be used for testing JavaScript-heavy, single-page web applications (like those built using Backbone, AngularJS, Ember.js, etc.).

Qlive's primary purpose is to enable testing with deterministic fixturing. It lets you precisely define a page's content and user login state server-side, so you can avoid the problem of tests that sometimes pass and sometimes fail.


  • Precisely set fixture content and user login state for your QUnit tests using your favorite fixtures library (like factory_girl).
  • Run the same tests both in a browser or headlessly, alongside your normal integration test suite (with the qlive-rspec gem).
  • A dashboard page to link to all of your qlive test suites (with the qlive-rails gem).


Ruby on Rails

If you are using Ruby on Rails, you should use one of these gems:

  • qlive-rails Configures qlive for use with Ruby On Rails and provides an index page linking to your qlive test suites.
  • qlive-rspec Run your QUnit tests headlessly as an Rspec example. (Builds on qlive-rails.)

You can install them with gem install qlive-rspec or by adding the appropriate Gemfile entry.


To test Sinatra or other Rack applications, use the core qlive gem direclty:

  • qlive middleware Rack middleware for inserting the QUnit-related scripts and for triggering fixturing hooks.


See the Qlive suites wiki page.