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##What is live logs ?

It's a Rails Engine that displays app logs in your browser, live! And .. It looks like this:

Screen shot

##Why it was created ?

Because a client asked me to perform the following 'Test-Task'

Develop a simple RoR application that use backbone and marionette.js on the client side. The application scans any log file (development.log, syslog, ..) for updates. When a new line appears on the log file it is passed to the client and is rendered in one of two sections. Choose an arbitrary filtering rule of the new lines...

##Demo ?

git clone ''
cd live_logs
cd spec/dummy
passenger start
open http://localhost:3000

##Why passenger ?

Actually you can use whatever service you like that handle localy multiple requests simultenously. Streaming request does not stop unless client cut the connection. So if you use a 'single request at a time' solution, after starting streaming logs, your app will be stucked. But, you can steal $> echo 'test' > logs/my.log to emulate traffic.

  • Webrick is one at a time
  • Puma can be tuned to allow simultaneous requests
  • Passenger does the job
  • For the others, RFDocs...

##How to use it ?

In your Gemfile add:

gem 'live_logs', git: ''

In your routes.rbadd:

mount LiveLogs::Engine => "/whatver_path"

Then bundle your app, run your server and visit '/whatver_path'

##Does it works on Heroku ?

Nop or not as expected. Heroku cut open connection after N seconds as far as I know. Even if SourceEvent restart automagicaly broken connection, the streaming will restart at file logs end minus ~ 25 lines. So you'll see passing at each reconnection 25 lines already seen. This may be fixed with a bunch of extra work, that you may do it yourself.

##How does it works ?

It uses:

  • Ruby 1.9+
  • file-tail gem to keep reading log files
  • Rails ActionController::Live to stream the logs
  • Javascript EventSource to get a persistant connection
  • MarionetteJS (before v2) in addition of Backbone (before v1) for the interactivity
  • And zurb foundation because ... it's my default CSS Framework

##Needs, questions or feedbacks ?

Feel free to create an issue and/or to contact me.


  • Rails 4+


This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.