a shell script to create static sites with navigation structure based on your folder organisation
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A shell script I cobbled together to create a static website with navigation based on folder structure of your posts. Result is similar to my own site.


Based off a lightly modified version of Expose - a wonderful bash script by Jack Qiao Theme is based off Hyde but you can change it easily by just replacing the theme directory.

It's current state is essentially a template of how NOT to write a shell script. The mess is my own fault but I will keep improving it whenever I can. In the mean time, it works! Sort of...


The only optional dependency are Markdown script and Perl for Markdown support.

Download the repo and alias the script

alias publish=/script/location/publish.sh

for permanent use add this line to your ~/.profiles, ~/.bashrc etc depending on system

Basic usage

cd ~/folder_of_text_files

The script operates on your current working directory, and outputs a _site directory.

  • Your-Folder
    • SubFolder-1
      • post_1.txt
      • post_2.md
    • SubFolder-2
      • another_post.md
    • SubFolder-3
    • SubFolder-n

Just run the script in Your-Folder and it will generate a static website under _Your-Folder/site/ directory. The subdirectories will be treated as different sections of the website and navigation will be generated accordingly. Empty directories will be ignored.


You can configure some variables to set your website title, sub-title, theme-directory and more through the _config.sh

Details to be updated

Current issues

  • Refactor the code to remove redundant logic and restructure for clarity
  • Fix post tag search / links , especially in case of multiple tags for a post
  • Generate section level tag cloud from individual post tags: dir_tag_cloud
  • Number of (and links to) top posts to be read from config file in the top directory
  • Pick up related posts from YAML. say related_posts:post1,post2
  • Sort command changes made to process the files / dirs in the order of most recent updates causes an additional directory to be created under _site directory
    • Can be easily fixed by using the alphabetical sort instead - currently commented out
  • _And many, many more but none that should stop you from giving this a whirl :) _