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Proxy your local web-server and make it publicly available over the internet
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ProxyLocal proxies your local web-server and makes it publicly available over the internet.

This software is split into client and server parts. The server part is running on server and usage of its resources is free. The client is written in ruby and distributed as gem. Its source code is open and available on github.


ProxyLocal is a tool that runs on the command line.

On any system with ruby and rubygems installed, open your terminal and type:

$ gem install proxylocal


I assume that you are running your local web-server on port 3000. To make it publicly available run:

$ proxylocal 3000
Local server on port 3000 is now publicly available via:

Now you can open this link in your favorite browser and request will be proxied to your local web-server.

Also you can specify the preferred host you want to use, e.g.:

$ proxylocal 3000 --host testhost
Local server on port 3000 is now publicly available via:
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