A python module to abstract the IRC protocol.
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blackbox IRC Macros


This python module - simply called blackbox from here on - is intended to encapsulate most of the low level IRC protocol into handy, easily callable methods of an IRC object that contains the socket object. It is mainly meant to be used in bots, but can of course be used for any other application communicating with an IRC server as well.


Copyright (c) slowpoke (Proxy) < proxypoke at lavabit dot com>

Official IRC channel: #hacking on DatNode

blackbox is Free Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.

This means, in short: You have the freedom to use blackbox for any purpose, as well the freedom to change and share it (including any changes you made) with or without compensation. You may not restrict these freedoms for any version of this software including derivates, and you cannot add any other restriction beyond those outlined in the terms of the GNU GPL v3.


There are multiple ways to install blackbox:

  1. blackbox has a PyPI entry, so you can simply install it using easy_install or pip (this is the recommended way):

     pip install blackbox
     easy_install blackbox
  2. Download the source, and manually install it:

     python setup.py install
  3. Download the source and place the package where you want to use it.


Using blackbox is easy. Assuming you have either installed it correctly or have placed the package folder into the same folder than your code, you can import the main module like this:

import blackbox

This module holds a class called IRC, which holds all of the main functionality of blackbox. You can create a simple IRC object without any parameters:

irc = blackbox.IRC()

Now let's connect to a network and join a channel:

irc.connect("irc.freenode.net", 6667)
irc.username("YourUserName", "YourRealName")

Of course we also need to receive data. That's what recv does. It also handles PING replies for you!

data = irc.recv()

The data returned from recv are single lines from the server, ending (usually) in '\r\n', but this might change depending on the IRCd the network you are connecting to runs (though it shouldn't, it would mean the IRCd doesn't correctly implement the IRC protocol).


For further insight into blackbox, use help(), all its methods are extensively documented. Also, many methods are very similar to slash-commands from popular IRC clients such as XChat, irssi or weechat, so using them should come natural to regular IRC users.


blackbox uses the logging module from the stdlib. It uses two loggers, blackbox.in and blackbox.out, both of which log to INFO. Per default, they log into a NullHandler, so if you want to enable logging, define a logger in your application and set the level to INFO. You can then further define how and where blackbox logs.