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An extensive Python library for dealing with FoLiA (Format for Linguistic Annotation) documents, a rich XML-based format for linguistic annotation finding application in Natural Language Processing (NLP). This library was formerly part of PyNLPl.
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FoLiA Library for Python Documentation Status

This Python module provides an extensive library for parsing, creating and otherwise processing documents in the Format for Linguistic Annotation, aka FoLiA. It has been in active development since 2010 and used by numerous Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools.

This library used to be part of PyNLPL (pynlpl.formats.folia), but is now in the process of migration to its own (i.e. this) project.


FoLiA development is funded in the scope of the larger CLARIN-NL project and its successor CLARIAH.

The following modules are available:

  • folia.main - The main library
  • folia.setdefinition - A module for FoLiA Set Definitions
  • folia.fql - Support for the FoLiA Query Language (FQL)


Download and install the latest stable version directly from the Python Package Index with pip install folia (or pip3 for Python 3 on most systems). For global installations prepend sudo.

Alternatively, clone this repository and run python install (or python3 install for Python 3 on most system. Prepend sudo for global installations.

The Python FoLiA library is also included in our LaMachine distribution.


API Documentation and tutorials can be found here .

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