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UniLang Language Community - Forum

This repository contains the source code for the UniLang forum (http://forum.unilang.org), powered by phpBB 3.1. The phpBB 3.1 source and all custom extensions are included here.

The UniLang style resides in phpBB3/style/unilang/ and inherits from the default prosilver style.

Extensions reside in phpBB3/ext.Custom-made UniLang extensions are in phpBB3/ext/unilang, we have the following custom extensions, click the links for further documentation:

If you want to write a new extension or edit an existing one, please familiarize yourself with the phpBB3.1 extension framework:

Modifying the phpBB3 sources should be strictly avoided unless there is absolutely no other way. Always either write proper extensions (strongly preferred), or otherwise adapt the templates in the UniLang style (keep this to a minimum too).