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base fork: proyvind/mdvpkg
base: 119476c722
head fork: proyvind/mdvpkg
compare: 6217a7c12e
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Commits on Feb 18, 2011
J. Victor Martins Initial commit. ed32c13
J. Victor Martins Add 2885b46
Commits on Mar 04, 2011
J. Victor Martins Checking uid for root in mdvpkd. a344f7f
J. Victor Martins Cleaning setup script. 03182aa
J. Victor Martins - update .gitignore to ignore TAGS
- fix dbus conf files to new service name and task interface
J. Victor Martins Rename dbus conf and service files. e422cde
J. Victor Martins Renamed to new project name. c980633
J. Victor Martins Add doc string 904a991
J. Victor Martins Remove since daemon will hold the dbus interface. 5adc292
J. Victor Martins Add repo initialization logic initialize_repo() 1915d7b
J. Victor Martins Start to implement transaction driven (e.g. packagekit, aptdaemon)
- Remove repo code from
- Start to implement a bare GetTask() dbus method for retrieving tasks
J. Victor Martins Add for mdvpkg exceptions. 383879d
Commits on Mar 05, 2011
J. Victor Martins First initial task and worker implementation
- add an option to mdvpkgd to select the backend's path
- update daemon for the new task and worker
First initial backend implementation
Commits on Mar 10, 2011
J. Victor Martins Move backend to it own directory. 599a84b
J. Victor Martins - remove printing n on empty command.
- remove command hash in favor of direct ref to call method handlers.
J. Victor Martins Fix exception message. ea0d3a6
J. Victor Martins Fix comment. 5431ca0
J. Victor Martins Add missing import. e17f302
J. Victor Martins Fix ListMedia backend command. a2d193e
Commits on Mar 11, 2011
J. Victor Martins - Add list_packages, list_groups and package_details commands
- Changed list_media command to list_medias
J. Victor Martins Renamed ListMedia to ListMedias task. ff62ed6
J. Victor Martins - Fix backend command for ListMedias
- Add ListGroups task
J. Victor Martins Add the use o keyed args to call backend commands. 177100d
J. Victor Martins - Add LisPackages and PackageDetails tasks.
- Fix backend interface to pass keyed arguments.
J. Victor Martins - Move Media() signal to ListMedias task.
- Move Finished() calls to a worker callback and add task removing from the bus.
J. Victor Martins Remove .gitignore 0410f6d
J. Victor Martins Update for distribution
- fix, adding default dir for backend data
- add to generate tarballs
- add doc dirs and examples
J. Victor Martins Fix backend path. c80a8b4
J. Victor Martins Small fixes.
- Use SystemBus in examples.
- Fix daemon path in .service file.
- Fix path in tarball generation script (
J. Victor Martins Bugfix release 0.2.1 3b993a0
Commits on Mar 15, 2011
J. Victor Martins Add setup.cfg 17754bc
J. Victor Martins New release 0.3.0
- Replace GetTask() method by methods for each task in main d-bus path
- Add setup.cfg to populate /usr/share/mandriva (instead of convetional
- Fix examples to match new d-bus interface
J. Victor Martins Fix version number. 20e0bfa
J. Victor Martins New bugfix release 0.3.1
- Add /usr/share/mandriva to python path
Commits on Mar 16, 2011
J. Victor Martins Add search_files command to backend. 7435adb
J. Victor Martins Use python string as arguments. c28d0c9
J. Victor Martins Add SearchFiles task. 73386ff
Commits on Mar 17, 2011
J. Victor Martins Update package printing in backend
- make py_package_str the default way to print package data
- update methods returning package data to use py_package_str
J. Victor Martins Fix
- remove use of default tags in py_package_str
- update return data for list_packages and package_details
J. Victor Martins Fix python string quotation in backend. 669c294
J. Victor Martins Fix format string. 34bf8f8
J. Victor Martins Fix package methods and signals to match backend return values. c9f4488
J. Victor Martins Update and add features to
- Fix traverse_packages to return URPM::Packages from depslist
  if it's installed.
- Added filters to list_packages task.
Commits on Mar 18, 2011
J. Victor Martins Update ListPackages task to backend changes. 70bc6d2
J. Victor Martins Update backend interface, error reporting and list_package.
- Modified backend interface to line oriented parameters
- Add simple error handling and reporting
- Update list_package method to use package status (local, upgrade and
J. Victor Martins Fix missing import f7e94ec
J. Victor Martins Update tasks and worker for new backend interface.
- Add Error signal (currently emitted on backend errors)
- Change Package signal signature to add 'status' parameter
- Update method
J. Victor Martins Add filter method to ListPackages task 91ae54d
J. Victor Martins Add more package data to list_package return. 63f6a57
J. Victor Martins Fix urpmi_backend
- Move installtime to package_details (due to performance).
J. Victor Martins Update ListPackages and PackageDetails tasks. c46042a
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.0 02ad26d
Commits on Mar 19, 2011
J. Victor Martins Add generators (to get result from backend) and backend helper
- Use generators in Backend class to retrieve spawned backend results
- Add backend helper method to be called in worker_callback method
- Update all tasks to these changes
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.1 31d99cb
J. Victor Martins Add logging facility
- Add --debug option to mdvpkgd
- Add logging to console and syslog
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.2 b981f9f
Commits on Mar 20, 2011
J. Victor Martins Updates in backend communication.
- Remove TODO notices in
- Fix backend error messages
- Add tags to improve types of backend responses
- Add LOG responses (so backend can log messages)
Commits on Mar 21, 2011
J. Victor Martins Remove unused pass statement. 864c5ea
J. Victor Martins Set backend pipes to utf8 (fix encoding bug) d7aa26e
J. Victor Martins Add exception handling in worker thread
- Add an exceptions handler in worker's thread to log (with traceback)
- Also add timeout in queue so backend can be killed if it is not
  being used.
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.3 12e9108
J. Victor Martins Fix backend and add signal handler
- Fix use of format string in response subroutines (_send_response()) in
  case there is no need to use formating.
- Add SIGTERM handler and bare non-cancellable task which should be
  waited before exiting the backend.
J. Victor Martins Add logic to terminate mdvpkgd on inactivity and handle signals
- Add Quit() method to shutdown mdvpkgd
- Add idle check timeouts and actitivity tracking in Worker class
- Handle KeyBoard interrupt, SIGTERM and SIGQUIT
- Turn worker thread daemon so it'll die if main thread dies
- Wait for child to terminate in Backend class
- Fix some log strings
J. Victor Martins Fix worker threading synchronization
- Use threading.Event instead of Queue locking so stop() can (a) resume
  thread to loop again, (b) check self.__work flag and (c) quit.
- Modify try statements to a cleaner and efficient form.
- Fix stop() to join worker thread
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.4 f2f76eb
J. Victor Martins Fix syntax bug 7088dc5
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.5 be51f69
Commits on Mar 22, 2011
J. Victor Martins Fix comments 3ab9690
Commits on Mar 23, 2011
J. Victor Martins Add Cancel() task method and handle sender disconnection
Update task interface adding Cancel() method.  Also update Worker so
queued tasks will be removed from queue.  There is no support yet for
cancellation of running tasks.  Commit details:

- Add a watch for sender changes and Cancel() task if handler
- Stop sender for running task twice.
- Add Cancel() method, which will ask Worker to cancel if task is
  already queued.
- Move removind and cleanup logic to another function, so Finished()
  is emitted only in exit_callback().
- Change task queue in Worker to a OrderedDict and add a lock, so
  tasks can be removed from queue by path.
- Add cancel() to Worker to remove ask from queue or stop it from
- Fix some log messages and comments
J. Victor Martins Substitute by a Makefile 0d696eb
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.6 0a7bdf0
J. Victor Martins Replace disutils in favor of make 694813b
J. Victor Martins Add documentation do installation 7619d93
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.7 caa4f33
J. Victor Martins Fix Makefile b405060
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.8 8b7e108
J. Victor Martins Fix DOC_DIR in Makefile 491d469
Commits on Mar 24, 2011
J. Victor Martins Fix missing variable in log strings. f562273
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.9 4b69665
Commits on Mar 25, 2011
J. Victor Martins Fix bad package status and status filtering. 8f5dca1
J. Victor Martins Use with statements to acquire queue locks. fef493e
Commits on Mar 29, 2011
J. Victor Martins New urpmi database class
- Add a new urpmi database class to access directly urpmi data.
- Update TaskWorker to load the urpmi database and pass the urpmi
  object to tasks (on worker_callback).
- Update ListMedias to use the urpmi object.
- Update ListPackages partialy to use the urpmi object.

TODO: Currently the urpmi object caches all package data in memory, on
      lists and dictionaries.  Proposals for efficient organization or
      readable refactoring are encouraged
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.10
- Add _rpmutils extension module
- Update Makefile and add to build
J. Victor Martins Fix multi-line string identation 31c32be
Commits on Apr 01, 2011
J. Victor Martins Update cache and track package groups
- Remove epoch for identifying different package versions of same
- Add self._groups set which is populated during db loading
J. Victor Martins Fix typo 0729b55
J. Victor Martins Change PackageDetails signature
- Update PackageDetails method to require a specific package (NVRA)
J. Victor Martins Major fixes in Tasks
- Remove package count from Group() and update GroupTask to use urpmi
  repo object
- Fix ListPackages task to properly handle filters
- Update return list of ListPackages and drop 'local' status.
- Update PackageDetails task to use urpmi repo object.
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.11 2252751
Commits on Apr 02, 2011
J. Victor Martins Fix new task event
The event is cleared while the queue is locked.
Commits on Apr 04, 2011
J. Victor Martins Small updates
- Add package count to group list
- Index packages by name (instead of name-arch)
- Remove unused search_name method
J. Victor Martins Add UrpmiPackage class
Add UrpmiPackage class to access package information from the urpmi

- Add packages property to urpmi to return the a generator of packages
  as UrpmiPackage objects.
J. Victor Martins Modify key to RpmPackage in cached packages
- Modify key to RpmPackage to 'rpm' instead of 'pkg'
Commits on Apr 05, 2011
J. Victor Martins Syntax cleaning and small fixes 94e480d
J. Victor Martins Task updates
- Fix ListPackages to use new UrpmiPackage
- Remove calls
- Temporarly invalidate PackageDetails
J. Victor Martins Fix small typo 4a7a0a1
J. Victor Martins New release 0.4.12 8078f21
Commits on Apr 06, 2011
J. Victor Martins Update task methods return signature to 'o' (dbus object path). 8f14dfb
J. Victor Martins Add check sender is the owner is task methods
- Move cancel logic to protected method so it can be called whitout
  sender information.
- Different sender from owner will raise NotOwner is all task methods.
Commits on Apr 16, 2011
J. Victor Martins Add comments 7d1b8cc
J. Victor Martins Use co-routines to run tasks and add status.
- Error and Finished now return status codes
- Use co-routines (with generators) to run tasks
- Add task status and StatusChanged signal
- Comment out some functions so tests can be run
J. Victor Martins Add a result cache to ListPackages
Add a result cache that can hold packages found in listing for later inspection
through Get(index) and GetDetails(index).  ListPackagesTask object is not
removed until Cancel() is called or sender disconnects.

- Add check of run in Run()
- Place PackageDetails in BaseTask so ListPackagesTask and PackageDetailsTask
  can use it
- Fix cancel logic so task in ready state will also be removed and cleaned.
- Add Ready() signal to ListPackageTask
- Add check for user an run in all setup methods
- Move run() upper in class for readability
J. Victor Martins New release 0.5.0 9eeabee
Commits on Apr 19, 2011
J. Victor Martins Add Sort for cached ListPackages result. 6909d31
J. Victor Martins New release 0.5.1 a7045c1
Commits on May 17, 2011
J. Victor Martins New backend interface and add first version of install_packages task. 0d6ab21
J. Victor Martins Add InstallPackages task 126e4b2
J. Victor Martins Update InstallPackages task and Backend. edea92c
Commits on May 28, 2011
J. Victor Martins Add paulob changes
- Add package index to cached results
- Fix filter for installtime
- Fix filter xor expressions
- Change integer types from t to u
- Add some log information
J. Victor Martins New release 0.5.2 473a7fb
J. Victor Martins Fix typo 8e2dfc4
J. Victor Martins Fix missing args in Package signal emission 037e676
J. Victor Martins Fix typo 54890d5
J. Victor Martins Fix index value b55c997
J. Victor Martins New release 0.5.3 1345372
Commits on Jun 24, 2011
Per Øyvind Karlsen Merge git://
Per Øyvind Karlsen switch to setuptools and properly install files into standard python
module locations
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