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Wrapper functions for a base64 library that convert to and from the url base64 alphabet
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Wrapper functions that convert to and from the url base64 alphabet on behalf of a base64 encoder and decoder.


A couple of functions for use with a base64 encoder and decoder that convert the base64 alphabet to and from the url alphabet.

They can be composed with encode and decode in truqu/elm-base64 like this:

b64e = UrlBase64.encode Base64.encode
b64d = UrlBase64.decode Base64.decode

Applying these to url base64 converts to and from standard base64 into and out of the decoders underneath.

base64_1 = b64e "a\255\255" -- Ok "Yf__"
base64_t = b64e "a\255\255" |> Result.andThen b64d -- Ok "aÿÿ"
base64_2 = b64e "a\255" -- Ok "Yf8"
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