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RANDIE (Realtime Autonomous Navigational Drone for Indoor Environments)

Firmware for an indoor navigation drone. The current implementation is based on the ATmega 328p microprocessor, but a WIP header-file for the 1280p is included as well. The navigation system of the firmware can be tested the RANDSIM simulator. The firmware is written entirely in C and the simulator is written in C/C++. The following describes how to run the simulator along with general information about the project.


  • C11 compatible compiler
  • C++14 compatible compiler
  • CMake version 2.8 or newer
  • SDL2 version 2.0.4 or newer
  • CppUnit version 1.13.2 or newer
  • screen version 4.3.1 or newer
  • Graphviz version 2.38.0 or newer
  • Doxygen version 1.8.11-1 or newer
  • avr-gcc version 4.8.1
  • avr-g++ version 4.8.1
  • avrdude version 6.1
  • libelf-dev version 0.159-42
  • arduino-sdk version 2:1.0.5+dfsg2-4 or newer

Compile Instructions:

RANDIE uses CMake as the build system. The build system uses the following CMake options:

CMake Options Default Value Meaning
TESTS 0 Build the unit and component tests and the RANDSIM simulator
DOC 0 Generate Doxygen documentation (HTML)
SERIAL_TARGETS 0 Enables serial communication to the host PC (for debugging)
SAMPLES 0 Build Samples
SIZE_TARGETS 0 Shows the size of the compiled firmware
SIMULATOR 0 Builds the RANDSIM simulator

Since all options are boolean, they can be enabled by adding the flag "-D=1" when running CMake. See the example below:

cmake -DTESTS=1 ..

Compile Example:

In order to install and run the project (simulation) on a Ubuntu-based machine, please extract the files from the zip-folder and run the following bash-commands:

# Dependencies
sudo apt install cmake libsdl2-dev libsdl2-gfx-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev libsdl2-image-dev libcppunit-dev screen graphviz-dev doxygen g++ arduino libelf-dev gcc-4.9

# Build randsim
cd RAND/
mkdir build && cd build/
cmake -DSIMULATOR=1 .. make randsim

# Run randsim
cd test/randsim/ && ./randsim


RANDIE (Realtime Autonomous Navigational Drone for Indoor Environments)




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