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Synchronize your Mastodon bookmarks to bookmarking services


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mastodon-bookmark-sync is a command-line utility to synchronize Mastodon bookmarks with LinkAce or other bookmarking services.

mastodon-bookmark-sync supports multiple Mastodon accounts.

Supported bookmarking services:

getting started

You probably just want to grab an executable from the Releases page.

Before you can start using mastodon-bookmark-sync, you'll need to configure it. An example configuration can be found here. You can also just copy the example:

cp appsettings.Example.json appsettings.Production.json
vim appsettings.Production.json # don't forget to edit it!

You'll need an access token from your Mastodon server. i.e. your.instance/settings/applications

And you'll need an API token for your bookmarking service of choice.

See the wiki for configuration examples.

Once you've got it configured, just run it. You might want to add it to your crontab, or your other favorite task scheduler:

0 */6 * * * cd /path/to/mastodon-bookmark-sync; ./mastodon-bookmark-sync