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Basecamp Classic API Wrapper for PHP

A PHP library for easy intergration with the Basecamp Classic Api.

Getting Started

Include the library into your project and instantiate the Basecamp class. Make sure to pass it either your api key as a string, or an array of authentication credentials.

Example PHP Usage:

include "path/to/basecamp.php";

// YOUR_ACCOUNT:  Only the slug is needed. (i.e: http://your_account.basecamphq.com)
// YOUR_API_KEY:  The API key given to you from within Basecamp
// YOUR_USERNAME: The username you log into your account with
// YOUR PASSWORD: The password you log into your account with

$auth = array(
    "account"  => "YOUR_ACCOUNT",
    "api_key"  => "YOUR_API_KEY",
    "user"     => "YOUR_USERNAME",
    "password" => "YOUR-PASSWORD"

// Instantiate the object and pass in the credentials.

$basecamp = new Basecamp($auth);

For developer convenience the constructor method accepts either authentication elements via an array, or a simple string containing only the basecamp api key.

If using the api key only, you'll need to use the authentication setter methods after you have instantiated the class object.


$basecamp = new Basecamp(YOUR_API_KEY);

$basecamp -> setAccount(YOUR_ACCOUNT);
$basecamp -> setUser(YOUR_USERNAME);
$basecamp -> setPassword(YOUR_PASSWORD);

These methods are also chainable:


Using the Wrapper

Once the wrapper has been instantiated, query calls are pretty straight forward:

$basecamp->getCompanies(); // Returns all companies
$basecamp->getFiles(PROJECT_ID); // Returns all the files from project with matched ID
$basecamp->getUsers(); // Returns all of the user's projects
$basecamp->getProjects(); // Returns all of the user's projects
$basecamp->getProject(PROJECT_ID); // Returns a single project with matched ID
$basecamp->getTodoItems(TODO_LIST_ID); // Returns all items for a given todo list
$basecamp->getTodoLists(); // Returns all todo lists the user has access to

Loop through all of the user's projects:

foreach($basecamp->getProjects() as $project):
	echo $project->name;
	echo $project->id;
	echo $project->status;