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This is a free library to use with Arduino.
You cannot sell this, you can only share.

This was created by Paulo Coutinho - 2012-12-23.
Skype: paulo.prsolucoes

If you can, tell me where you use and what project
to make a success case in my website.

To install it you can use two ways.

1 - make a clone and copy all to:

2 - i'm using this way - clone the git repository to some path like 
[HOME/workspace/arduino/prduino] and create a symbolic link to the libraries 
that you will use. Example:

If you want use "Sonar" library, create a symbolic link like this:
ln -s [HOME/workspace/arduino/prduino]/PRDuino_Sonar [ARDUINO_INSTALL_PATH]/Java/libraries/PRDuino_Sonar

Using this way, you only need pull git repository and your all references will
be updated and you don't need copy all files to arduino libraries folder again.

After copy files or create a symbolic link do:

1 - Close your Arduino IDE to refresh libraries and open again.

2 - Click on menu File -> Examples and you will see
some examples with prefix PRDuino_*, all this examples
are about our library to you test.

3 - If you want import some library, go to menu and select one:
Sketch -> Import Library -> PRDuino_*


Thanks God, you are the best!