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Developer Content as a Service

Gaining traction and community around their technology for any tech startup is keeping almost founder up at night. Many companies have a great marketing plan in place but they missout on having a robust content strategy.

If you’re a tech-startup and regularly pushing code and updates to your repo but not getting enough traffic and signups, you’re not alone.

Every startup faces broad & complex issues with their content strategy because non-technical marketing teams exhaust resources towards traditional marketing. Most of this effort as an experiment turns into a learn to write about on medium. It doesn't really works all the time for startups with technology.

SEO is a wide, complex, and at times frustrating aspects of marketing on the internet, buts its the one that you can’t afford of ignore. Because your audience is relatively smaller than any other business for consumers.

Seeking Help?

I am an entrepreneur with 8 years of product & content marketing experience. I am the Head of Developer Content at Previously, I held management roles at, and, where I lead the developer content machine in written tutorials, video courses converting to millions of page views with more than 65% organic traffic without spending a lot of money. We put resources to work creating high-quality evergreen content.

I bring extensive knowledge of SEO for developer content strategy to help technology startups, and expertise to execute the launch of developer content initiatives from scratch. I have worked with over 2000 developers (authors) who are experienced with any technical stack possible to produce high-quality technical content at scale.

I am based in San Francisco Bay Area in California. If you’re a ramen-entrepreneur, I am happy to advice.

You can schedule a 15 mins call with Prateek Gupta or say hi at


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