Pyout script helps you run your python code and see output on dialog.
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Pyout script helps you see code output in dialog.


  • Open Source
  • Helps you run python2 code and see output in dialog.

Installation and Usage

  1. Python2 required
  2. Tkinter required
    sudo apt install python-tk
  1. Pyperclip required
    pip install pyperclip
  1. Copy python2 code you want to run.

  2. Download script and use keyboard shortcut to run the script.

How can it helps?

When using keyboard shortcut to run the script, it is lot easier and help learn python tutorial from website, book etc.

Example: Copy python code.

Ctrl + c

Run the script to see output.

Ctrl + Shift + x 


Copy code Output code


Open to any suggestions and help provided.