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&Partners_Framework for Choosing Project Partners.pdf

&Partner's new project intake framework

In an effort to standardize the work we do, we developed a framework that tells us whether we are engaging with high-quality partners and projects. The framework not only fosters transparency, but also ensures that we do not stray from our goals, vision, and mission. Download the framework. Download the framework

Step 1: Intake framework

Section 1: Business information

  • Business name:
  • Date of inquiry:
  • Description:
  • Services required:
  • Estimated start date:
  • Engagement length:
  • Contact name:
  • Contact email address:
  • Contact phone number:
  • Website:
  • Notes or background:

Section 2: Deal breakers / Mitigation

Is the client involved with any of the following organizations? [Respond for each (Yes / No / Unsure / Comment)]

  • Police forces

  • Weapons manufacturers

  • Disinformation organizations

  • Extremist organizations

  • Anyone on SPLC’s list

  • Civil, social and human rights violations / practices

    • If their negative impact is indirect... Does our project improve their practices?
  • Environmental shit like plastic

    • If their negative impact is indirect… Does our project improve their practices?

Section 3: Mission orientation

Does the potential partner consider human-centered design as part of their technology goals/needs?

  • [Yes / No / Unsure / Comment]

What population is served by the design or brand?

  • Answer:

Is the design inclusive?

  • [Yes / No / Unsure / Comment]

Can we add value to make it more inclusive?

  • [Yes / No / Comment]

Do we have any control over the final delivery? What are the risks?

  • [Yes / No / Comment]

Section 4: Partnership alignment

Requires a total of 28 points out of 39 points for a successful intake

  • Organization type [Check one]

    • State (2)
    • Local (3)
    • Federal? (1)
    • Non-Profit? (3)
    • Foundation? (3)
    • Private? (2)
  • Values (X/8) [Check all that apply]

    • Mission oriented? (3)
    • Socially impactful? (2)
    • Environmentally impactful? (2)
    • Innovative (1)
  • Capabilities (X/11) [Check all that apply]

    • Client believes &Partners fills an expertise gap? (3)
    • Client wants to invest in building an internal team? (3)
    • Client has a dedicated team to work with us? (3)
    • Client is able to provide access to all stakeholders? (2)
  • Working Style (X/12) [Check all that apply]

    • Flexible with deliverables, trusting? (3)
    • Collaborative? (3)
    • Client is comfortable with remote work? (3)
    • Client requires minimal travel? (Does not include travel for research) (3)
  • Communication (X/5) [Check all that apply]

    • Transparent? (3)
    • Consistent? (2)

Alignment score: X/39

Section 5: Project information

Can we meet this timeline?

  • [Yes / No / Comment]

Do we have access to resources to complete this project?

  • [Yes / No / Comment]

Does the project have likelihood to grow/change drastically? (Scope creep = bad // Additional projects = good.)

  • [Yes / No / Comment]

Step 2: Review and approval

[100% of directors and up]

Does the team agree the client is a good match?

  • [Yes, No]

Are there any reasons we would say no, even if it passes the intake framework? (e.g., previous bad experience with people on the team.)

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