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An SMPP client library for Mono/.Net (Based originally on RoamingSMPP, which is not maintained anymore)
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This is my own fork of RoaminSMPP code which wasnt maintained anymore.
By now this is nothing more than an upgraded layout with VS2k10 solution files. 

You can find a NuGet package with binaries for fx v3.5 & v.40 at:

=========================== OLD README ==============================

This software is meant to provide an open source edition of the basic 
SMPP v3.4 functionality.  It includes PDU definitions for all of the
PDUs in the spec.

I will no longer be adding functionality to this app; I may or may not fix bugs.  If you find a 
bug and want it fixed, BE NICE!  I don't like people who make demands on my (not so free) time.

Please read the enclosed license files, COPYING (GNU GPL) and COPYING.LESSER (GNU LGPL) for more details.


-Chris Bouzek
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