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Fix event with unregistered or empry action id
Add reconnect properties
Change MappingStrategy.cs line 80
from ResourceReader rr = new ResourceReader(resourceName);
to ResourceReader rr = new ResourceReader(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + resourceName);
Change AsteriskFastAGI default socket encoding from Encoding.UTF8 to Encoding.ASCII
Change read socket to async model (BeginRead/EndRead)
Add Ping/Pong heartbeat to check connection (ManagerConnection.PingInterval in milliseconds).
Remove AsteriskManager class (use ManagerConnection).
Change Events event handler to UnhandleEvent and change event logic:
ManagerConnection.FireAllEvents property = false
ManagerConnection event only individual events by event handlers and event all other (unknown) events to UnhandleEvent
ManagerConnection.FireAllEvents property = true
ManagerConnection event individual events by event handlers and if individual handler not set then fire event to UnhandleEvent
Combine Connect/Disconnect/Reload/Shutdown events to one ConnectionState event handler.
Change reconnection login:
ManagerConnection.KeepAlive property to control auto reconnection on Disconnect/Reload/Shutdown (default true)
add Reconnect property to Connect/Disconnect/Reload/Shutdown events and if this property = true - it's means that reconnection process started (Disconnect/Reload/Shutdown) or done (Connect)
by default thi means that two events fire on reconnect. For example:
1. Reload (.Reconnect = true)
2. if success Connect (.Reconnect = true)
3. or fail Disconnect (.Reconnect = false)
Fix error with Close Windows.Forms without Logoff() - to disable this feauture set TraceCallerThread property to false
Add GetConfig/UpdateConfig actions.
Change Logger logic. Add Visible() methods to define logger rules by level and class:method.
Add custom response to Action (only event in previous) (see GetConfig for example)
Remove exception if internalActionId is not define in event
Add Attributes property to ManagerEvent to accept all non defined keys (resolve no setter exception).
Add Attributes property to ManagerResponse to accept all non defined keys (resolve no setter exception).
Fix Originate error (check for 1.4.21 and 1.6-b9)
Add AstManProxy support
Add NO_TIMEOUT symbol to disable timeout
Fix numeric conversion error (asterisk 1.6-beta-9 chan_iax2.c line 7501)
Add VideoSupport, TextSupport, RealtimeDevice to PeerEntryEvent
Change all .ToLower() to .ToLower(...culture("en")...)
Separate MeetmeJoinEvent and MeetmeLeaveEvent (both from MeetmeEvent).
Rename all MeetMe... to Meetme...
Remove Event tail from event name (ex. JabberEvent)
Change reconnect thread model.
Fix JoinEvent UniqueId parameter.
Set default socket encoding to ASCII (thanks to Phillip N.) - see SocketEncoding property of AsteriskManager class.
Add support Manager events with Asteirsk 1.6 beta 9.
Fix Asterisk version determination.
Fix Reload and Disconnect event handlers.
Add WinForm example (thanks to shurik_ev).
Add Name property to QueueMemberEvent class
Support Asterisk 1.4 and new custom IVR with FastAGI protocol.
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