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OpenSMPPBox is a special Kannel box that listens for smpp connections and accepts
and sends sms messages from and to smpp clients.
OpenSMPPBox behaves similar to other Kannel boxes and share a compatible
configuration file format and command line options.
After starting opensmppbox, a new connection to bearerbox is made for each
smpp client that is connecting. This (new) connection with it's own
'smsbox-id' is dedicated to sending and receiving messages for this particular
smpp client.
Please read the INSTALL file for further instructions. If in a hurry, the quick
explanation is:
And finally, as root:
make install
You need to have a development version of Kannel installed in order to compile
The Userguide has also valuable information about the install and configuration
steps. To create the userguide, run ./configure with --enable-docs and then
type "make docs".
The best to ask for help is on Kannel's mailing lists.
Please visit Kannel's site for more information:
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