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A Bash library that features common functions useful for Bash developpers.
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A Bash library that features common functions useful for Bash developpers.

Tired to search the web any time you don't know or remember how to do a basic action in a bash script? Just include to your script and use the functions! features more than 50 functions to:

  • test if a program is installed
  • search a value in an array
  • ask user to confirm an action by yes or no
  • print text in colours
  • create and write log files
  • ask user to enter and confirm a password
  • read and write into config files
  • ... comes also with a GUI part with 15 functions to:

  • display info/warning/error messages
  • display system notifications
  • ask user to choose a file/directory
  • ...

See documentation for more info. is compatible with Linux, BSD and macOS systems and works on Windows with Cygwin.

Read our wiki for some tips and tricks and other resources.


Add to your script:

source "/path/to/" -

That's all! To use more powerful features like interactive windows, please read the documentation.



License is licensed under the MIT License. See for the full license text.


Author: Jean Prunneaux


Help us to improve in submitting issues to report a bug or request new features!

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