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Search and read the Arch Wiki offline in your terminal.


Download Package

The package can be found in the AUR as well as on Github, and building can be initiated on pacman-based Linux distributions by running makepkg in the base project directory.



The wiki is downloaded in English by default, but other languages can be set by changing the $_wiki_lang variable in the PKGBUILD, or setting it at runtime (ie: _wiki_lang=fr makepkg).


To configure the wiki to use a textwidth of 78 characters, change the $_wiki_foldlines variable to 1 in the PKGBUILD, or setting it at run time (ie: _wiki_foldlines=1 makepkg).

Download Method

The wiki can be downloaded in one of two ways:

  1. Pre-compiled in the arch-wiki-docs package, which takes much less time to download, but is also frequently a few weeks out of date.
  2. Directly from the live wiki.

No action needs to be taken if you plan to use the pre-compiled package, and if you would like to download directly from the live wiki, you can do so by changing the $_wiki_downloadlive variable to 1 in the PKGBUILD or at runtime (ie: _wiki_downloadlive=1 makepkg).

Note: Due to the size of the download, once the wiki has been downloaded to src/wiki-docs/, the PKGBUILD will use that version until you remove the directory.

Prevent Rebuild

By default, the wiki gets converted from html to markdown each time you build the package. If you would like to prevent this (maybe you want to tweak the package without waiting for it to rebuild), set the $_wiki_norebuild variable to 1 in the PKGBUILD or at runtime (ie: _wiki_norebuild=1 makepkg), and pandoc won't be used to convert the wiki if the folder with the converted files already exists.


To view the list of valid commands, run the help option:

    arch-wiki [-n|-#] {STRING}

        Search for wiki article names containing the given {STRING},
        and optionally disable interactive search with the -n flag,
        or choose to directly view a given result using the -#
        flag, where # is the search result number you wish to view.

        -n | --normal
            Normal mode (no interactive searching)
            View the #th result

    arch-wiki [OPTION]

        -g {STRING} | --grep {STRING}
            Search the wiki for the given string
        -v | --version
            Display the version and exit
        -h | --help
            Show this help dialog

    arch-wiki PKGBUILD
        Search for wiki articles with names containing PKGBUILD

    arch-wiki -3 install
        View the 3rd wiki article with a name containing install

Wiki files are located in /usr/share/doc/arch-wiki-markdown


Written by: Taesoo Kim (tsgates)