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3.0.12 firmware for Prusa i3 MK2


  • Multi material support
  • Selftest fixed
  • MK1 Support
  • XYZ calibration improved
  • XYZ calibration details menu

Detailed descriptions of features can be found here:

Description of changes with respect to 3.0.12-RC2:

Multi material colorprint:

There was bug which caused that in some cases beeper was active during filament slow loading phase. This has been fixed.

Extruder axis steps per unit excluded from M500:

M500 is gcode which serves for saving currently set parameters to EEPROM. If M500 is called, printer saves parameters such as max. feedrate, PID etc. to EEPROM and from this time saved parameters are used instead of default parameters.
M500 saves also axis steps per unit. For single material printer and multi material printer, different axis steps per unit values for extruder are needed. Using M500 (for example running PID tuning) with single material printer and then upgrading to multi material leads to faulty extruder behavior. Thus axis steps per unit for extruder were excluded from M500.
EEPROM version was not changed to achieve this, thus flashing 3.0.12 has no influence on other stored parameters such as PID calibration results.

Support menu translated to all supported languages