@PavelSindler PavelSindler released this Nov 12, 2017 · 10 commits to MK2 since this release

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3.1.0 firmware for Prusa i3 MK2/S/MMU


  • Linear Advance
  • Wizard
  • Host keep alive messages
  • Sorting files in SD card menu
  • Check if file is complete
  • First layer calibration
  • Auto power mode
  • XYZ calibration details menu fixed
  • PID calibration safety check
  • M220: Speed factor
  • Saving E steps per mm to EEPROM fixed
  • Improved "Print from SD" menu

Detailed description of features can be found here:

Description of changes with respect to RC2:

Check if file is complete

In previous firmware version, there was bug which caused that some complete files were wrongly reported as incomplete by the printer. This was happening with files sliced in S3D, because of slightly different end g-code. This issue has been fixed.

Sorting files in SD card menu

In previous firmware version, files order in SD card menu reverted to unsorted when print was finished. This has been fixed,

PID calibration safety check

At the beginning of PID calibration heating is turned on and nozzle (or heatbed) temperature is rising.
For improved safety, we are now checking if measured temperature rises as fast as expected during this initial phase. In case that there is for example faulty/disconnected thermistor, measured temperature doesn't rise and PID calibration is then terminated, heating is turned off and thermal runaway error message is shown on LCD and serial.

Other changes:

  • language corrections