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@michalxfanta michalxfanta released this Jun 6, 2019 · 5043 commits to MK3 since this release

This firmware 3.2.3 is the final version of firmware version 3.2.2 RC1 for MK2/S, which contains important safety improvement in preheat error and also chosen features from MK3S branch.


  • Preheat error improved
  • Improved temperature regulation
  • Remaining time estimation
  • Adjustable beeper notifications
  • Incomplete file check updated
  • G-code fixes (M27, M110, M115)

A detailed description of changes (compared to 3.2.2-RC1):

Stop after Pause fix

We found and fixed a bug that led to improper print termination when Pause print and Stop print commands were executed in quick succession.

NEW Prusa Firmware beta testers group

A good printer needs great firmware, we at Prusa Research are trying to create such firmware and would like to reach out to a group of users who are also interested in developing our firmware. If you belong to this group, then sign up. The most active of you will be rewarded.

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