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@PavelSindler PavelSindler released this Aug 30, 2018 · 962 commits to MK3 since this release


  • Multimaterial - version 2 (MMU2) support
  • Stealth mode loudness reduced (MK3)
  • Fixed bugs from RC1
  • PINDA state shown in menu (MK3)

Detailed description of changes:

Multimaterial - version 2 (MMU2) support:

This firmware version (both MK3 and MK2.5) is initial version with Multimaterial v2 support. Firmware detects automaticly if mmu2 unit is connected. More information about multimaterial features will be added later. Multimaterial specific messages are just in English now. Translation of all messages will be finished in final release.

Stealth mode loudness reduced:

In previous firmware version (3.4.0-RC1), stealth mode speed was increased which led to significantly increased loudness. In current firmware version stealth mode max. feedrate limit has been reduced to 100mm/s, which leads to reduced loudness and preserves reduced print time compared to older firmware versions (3.3.1 and older).

Fixed bugs from RC1:

  • Flow factor setting fixed

  • Bed level correction menu fixed (issue #1083)

  • Wizard fix: Before first layer calibration, user is asked if there is PLA filament loaded. If not, printer turn on nozzle heater and when target temperature is reached, user is asked to load filament. In this scenario, there was bug which caused that load filament sequence could be activated more then once. This led to undesirable extruder movements (too much material extruded). This bug has been fixed.

  • Linearity correction menu readded (MK3)

  • M600 fixes: There was bug which caused reseting during filament change when printing over USB (issue #1046) and also some extra material was extruded at the end of filament change procedure which formed little blob on printed object. These two bugs have been fixed.

  • Speed factor fix (issue #1047)

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