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This firmware version is specifically for users who use MK2.5 + MMU2 setup. If you are not using MMU2 or if you use MMU2 with MK3 printer it is not necessary to upgrade to this version.


  • MK2.5 + MMU2 setup loudness reduced
  • MK2.5 + MMU2 setup initialization

Detailed description of changes:

MK2.5 + MMU2 setup loudness reduced:

In previous firmware versions, the MMU2 operation was quite loud when using with MK2.5 printer. This firmware version solves the issue. MK2.5 printer sends command for setting MMU2 currents specifically for usage with MK2.5 and switches MMU2 drivers to stealth mode. For correct behaviour, it is necessary to use MMU firmware 1.0.2 and higher when running MMU2 with MK2.5. Users who use MK3 printer do not need to upgrade their MMU2 firmware.

MK2.5 + MMU2 setup initialization:

MK2.5 was unable to automatically detect MMU2 unit after turning on the printer. This has been fixed.