Assets 5


  • Button click fix
  • M220 speed factor
  • Z-levelling fix (MK3)
  • Pause print -> stop print fix

Detailed description of changes:

Button click fix:

The function for button press evaluation and debouncing was modified in previous firmware version to make the code more accessible for the future. However, this code improvement introduced a bug which could cause that some fullscreen messages which waited for the user to press the button were skipped. This has been fixed.

M220 speed factor:

On multi-material printers, speed factor is currently set to 100 % before filament change by Slic3r PE. This ensures that filament change will proceed with defined speed and thus higher reliability.
There is now a possibility to save and restore speed factor on MK2.5 and MK3 printers using the following G-codes:
M220 Sxxx sets speed factor
M220 B sets backups current speed factor
M220 Sxxx B sets speed factor and backups current speed factor
M220 R restore saved speed factor
These M-codes are the same as on MK2 printers with Firmware 3.1.0 and allows Slic3r PE to backup speed factor set by the user (by rotating the knob on the printer) before filament change and then to restore is when filament change if finished. This will fix issues #1364 and #1208.

Z-levelling fix (MK3):

Z-levelling function introduced in previous Firmware 3.5.0 could repeatedly fail (X-axis staying at the top with a message "Some problem encountered, Z-leveling enforced ...") on MK3 printers under certain conditions. This has been fixed.

Pause print -> stop print fix

Stopping paused print could lead to behaviour when some movements were missing during new print or first layer calibration. This has been fixed.