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Detailed description of changes (compared to 3.7.0-RC1):

7x7 mesh bed levelling:

There was a possibility of X-axis crash on the first mesh bed levelling point (issue #1674). This has been fixed.
Improved mesh bed levelling (3.7.0-RC1) uses shorter Z movements to reduce overall calibration time. This in some cases leads to "Enforced Z-leveling" occurrence (issue #1651) triggered by higher variability in measured Z-values, which was probably caused by mechanical resonance. In current FW version, if Z-values variability is too high for certain measured point, there is a short delay and then current point measurement is repeated with longer Z-movements (the same measurement algorithm which was used on FW 3.6.0 and all older versions).

Duplicate T-code fix:

Fixes issue #1660

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