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@michalxfanta michalxfanta released this Oct 24, 2019 · 23 commits to MK3 since this release


  • Calibration using multiple filament types
  • Repeated First layer calibration settings
  • Fan error on Octoprint
  • Incorrect mode display MK2.5S & MK2.5
  • New Live Adjust Z shortcut
  • Move Z shortcut adjustment
  • Translations corrections
  • Other bug fixes

A detailed description

This changelog is a summary of the previous release (RC1) with additional bug fixes introduced in this release.

Calibration using multiple filament types

Until now the First Layer Calibration was possible only using a PLA. However, the textured and smooth PEI sheets perform better (improved filament adhesion), if the calibration is done based on the used material. Starting this release user can choose from the following expanded material list: PLA, PET, ASA, ABS, HIPS, PP, FLEX. #2117 This feature was also requested by the Prusa community and we would like to thank you for the valuable feedback.

Repeated First layer calibration settings

In case the First Layer Calibration is started again, the printer always used the previously saved value of Z-offset. This can cause an issue if the recalibration is done while changing the thinner textured for the thicker smooth sheet and thus the nozzle might be too low.

With the firmware 3.8.1 RC1, the printer always asks, whether to continue with the previously saved value or reset the offset to zero. #2222

Fan error on Octoprint

If a Fan error occurred during the print using an Octoprint, then the user was unable to continue with the print even if the issue was resolved. This is now fixed and the print can be restored.

Incorrect mode display MK2.5S & MK2.5

In some scenarios, after the printer reset, an incorrect Mode was displayed (High Power instead of Stealth). This bug is now fixed and the mode is displayed correctly.

New Live Adjust Z shortcut

Right after the mesh bed levelling as soon as the print is started, the user can adjust from the menu the height between the tip of the nozzle and the steel sheet (Live Adjust Z) to ensure the filament is properly squished in the printing surface.

Now, there is a new shortcut to access this function. Long press the rotation knob to enter the adjustment menu. The function is available only during the print between 0-2 mm of height.

The Live Adjust Z shortcut is allowed in the following menus (during the print only):

  • Info screen
  • Main menu
  • Tune
  • Support

Move Z shortcut adjustment

To move the Z-axis up or down, the user can either choose this option from the menu or long-press the rotation knob. Because this shortcut is now shared with the Live Adjust Z, the Move Z is available only before the mesh bed leveling starts and after the print is finished.

Previously, it was also possible to use the shortcut during the print, this is now disabled. #2165 #2101

The Move Z shortcut is allowed in the following menus:

  • Info screen
  • Main menu
  • Preheat
  • Print from SD
  • Settings
  • Temperature
  • Select language
  • Support

Translations corrections

For this release, the firmware, which is translated into seven languages, was checked by Prusa in-house native speakers improving the consistency with English original, 3D printing terminology and readability on the printer's screen.

Other bug fixes

Calibration of the Z-axis wasn't working properly for the Stealth mode, now the calibration is always performed in the Normal Mode.

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