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# Dependency report for PrusaSlicer
## Possible dynamic linking on Linux
* zlib: This should not be even mentioned in our cmake scripts but due to a bug in the system libraries of gtk it has to be linked to PrusaSlicer.
* wxWidgets: searches for wx-3.1 by default, but with cmake option `SLIC3R_WX_STABLE=ON` it will use wx-3.0 bundled with most distros.
* libcurl
* tbb
* boost
* eigen
* glew
* expat
* openssl
* nlopt
* gtest

## External libraries in source tree
* ad-mesh: Lots of customization, have to be bundled in the source tree.
* avrdude: Like ad-mesh, many customization, need to be in the source tree.
* clipper: An important library we have to have full control over it. We also have some slicer specific modifications.
* glu-libtess: This is an extract of the mesa/glu library not oficially available as a package.
* imgui: no packages for debian, author suggests using in the source tree
* miniz: No packages, author suggests using in the source tree
* qhull: libqhull-dev does not contain libqhullcpp => link errors. Until it is fixed, we will use the builtin version.
* semver: One module C library, author expects to use clib for installation. No packages.
* Shiny: no packages
* poly2tree: Obsolete, candidate for removal
* polypartition: Obsolete, candidate for removal

## Header only
* igl
* nanosvg
* agg

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