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+Why this proposal:
+- clean up the repository, remove duplicate STL files
+- make it easier to adapt changes to parts like bearings, electronics, endstops, ... and encourage people to release their changes or addons to prusamendel under the same license.
+While doing it, the documentation HOW to print a prusa mendel and it's variations need to be updated.
+Directory draft:
+base-metric/ - will contain every part you need minimally to get printing, minus the extruder
+base-metric/lm8uu - custom parts for lm8uu
+base-metric/lme8uu - custom parts for lme8uu/igus drylin
+extruders/[name]/ - files for extruders
+endstops/[type]/ - for different kind of endstops people use
+misc/[subdirs]/ - for other stuff like electronic mounts, spool holders, printable bushings and whatever wonderful ideas people have.

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