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OFX - OpenFrameworks Management Tool

Put this script into your OpenFrameworks root directory (the one that contains "addons" directory) or define the OF_ROOT and/or OF_ADDONS environment variables so they point to your OpenFrameworks root directory and/or your OpenFrameworks addons directory.


ofx / ofx help

  • print this help

ofx refresh

  • redownload addons list (otherwise it is downloaded just once)

ofx list

  • list all available addons

ofx listinstalled

  • list all installed addons

ofx search TEXT

  • search for text in name and description of addons

ofx category

  • list categories of addons

ofx category NAME

  • list all addons in the category

ofx owner

  • list all owners

ofx owner NAME

  • list all addons belonging to owner

ofx info NAME

  • show info about addon

ofx install NAME

  • install addon

ofx reinstall NAME

  • remove and install addon

ofx upgrade NAME

  • upgrade addon (call git pull in its directory)

ofx remove NAME

  • remove addon


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