An automated python script to setup Load balancer, autoscaling group, auto scaling configs and autoscaling with 1-click
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AutoScaling Setup

This script helps to setup a autoscaling cluster without going through
the pain of figuring out how a API works. The only reason behind 
writing this script is to make things easier and faster.

This script is built on top of boto API for Python. You need to have 
Python boto 2.0 version pre installed on your machine to use this script.

This script brings together all peices needed by for setting up auto scaling, like
auto scaling configurations, load balancer configurations, cloud watch configuration, 
ec2 instances configuration etc and making this easier. You pass all the configurations
or parameters to a single script which gets job done sooner.

usage: [-h] --access-key <access key> --secret-key <secret key>
                         --ami-id <ami id> --key-name <key name> --region <region>
                         --launch-config <launch configuration> --instance-type
                         <t1.micro | m1.small | m1.large ..> --load-balancer
                         <load balancer> --min-size <minimum size> --max-size
                         <maximum size> --trigger <trigger name> --measure
                         <CPUUtilization> --lb-target <load balancer target path>
                         --lb-port <load balancer port> --instance-port <instance
                         port> --app-protocol <load balancer protocol>
                         --auto-scaling-group <auto scaling group name>
                         --auto-scaling-policy <auto scaling policy name>

optional arguments:
-h, --help              show this help message and exit
--access-key          <access key>                AWS access key
--secret-key          <secret key>                AWS secret key
--ami-id              <ami id>                    EC2 AMI ID
--key-name            <key name>                  EC2 key name
--region              <region>                    Region to launch instances in
--launch-config       <launch configuration>      Launch configuration name
--instance-type       <t1.micro | m1.small ..>    Type of instance
--load-balancer       <load balancer>             Load balancer name
--min-size            <minimum size>              Minimum size of auto scale group
--max-size            <maximum size>              Maximum size of auto scale group
--trigger             <trigger name>              Trigger name
--measure             <CPUUtilization>            Measure name to watch for
--lb-target           <load balancer target path> Load balancer target path to ping
--lb-port             <load balancer port>        Load balancer port
--instance-port       <instance port>             Instance port
--app-protocol        <load balancer protocol>    Load balancer protocol
--auto-scaling-group  <auto scaling group name>   Name of auto scaling group to create
--auto-scaling-policy <auto scaling policy name>  Name of auto scaling policy to create