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A platform to manage snippets locally.
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An app to manage your snippets locally.

Built with NodeJS/ExpressJS, ReactJS and pacakaged as a desktop app using ElectronJS(TODO)

Getting Started

  • In terminal, run these commands.
git clone
cd snippify
npm run install

// Run client
npm run dev:client

// Run server
npm run dev:server

Contribution Guide

  • Any type of contribution is highly encouraged.
  • To contribute, fork this repository.
  • Then clone the repo locally and run npm run install command.
  • Do your magic with code.
  • Name your pull requests as:
    • If for client - client: <Name for PR>
    • If for server - server: <Name for PR>


  • Labels
    • Add
    • Delete
    • View
    • Rename
    • Search
  • Snippets
    • Add
    • Delete
    • View
    • Edit
    • Rename
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Search
    • Copy
  • App
    • Integrate with Electron

Future Features

  • Themes
  • Google OAuth
  • Google Drive Storage
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