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Provide MRI Core documentation and source code for the Pry REPL
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Pry Doc


Pry Doc is a plugin for Pry. It provides extended documentation support for Pry.


All you need is to install the gem. The pry-doc plugin will be detected and used automatically.

gem install pry-doc


Pry Doc extends two core Pry commands: show-doc and show-source (aliased as ? and $ respectively).

For example, in vanilla Pry it’s impossible to get the documentation for the loop method (it’s a method, by the way). However, Pry Doc solves that problem.


Let's check the source code of the loop method.


Generally speaking, you can retrieve most of the MRI documentation and accompanying source code. Pry Doc is also smart enough to get any documentation for methods and classes implemented in C.


Pry Doc supports the following Rubies:

  • MRI 1.9
  • MRI 2.0
  • MRI 2.1
  • MRI 2.2

Getting Help

Simply file an issue or visit #pry at


The project uses the MIT Licencse. See LICENSE file for more information.

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