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Pry website on GitHub Pages

Pry website is hosted using GitHub Pages, which in turn are served by Jekyll on GitHub. On push, the site is re-generated by GitHub and published on:

Local development

There’s a few dependencies to install when developing the site on your own computer.


All development dependencies are contained within the Gemfile. To use it, you’ll need to install bundler.

gem install bundler

Once bundler is installed, you can install the dependencies:

bundle install


There’s a Procfile in the site directory, which describes how to start Jekyll and Compass to Foreman. All you need to do, once you have installed dependencies with Bundler, is to start Foreman:

foreman start

That should be it! Now you can change files wildly and you’ll see them by pointing your browser to http://localhost:5000.


Compass is used to ease the pain of CSS. Compass will find all files in the _scss/ directory ending with .scss, and compile them into the stylesheets directory.


GitHub Pages are powered by Jekyll, and so are we! Configuration is in _config.yml as normal, but it probably doesn’t need to be touched.

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