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require File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'helper'))
# Inherit standard command set, but tweak them by importing some and
# overriding others.
# Illustrates use of `command`, `run`, and `import_from` commands.
class MyCommands < Pry::CommandBase
# Override ls command
command "ls", "An unhelpful ls" do
output.puts "No, i refuse to display any useful information."
# bring in just the status command from Pry::Commands
import_from Pry::Commands, "status"
# analogy to Ruby's native alias_method idiom for decorating a method
alias_command "old_status", "status"
# Invoke one command from within another using `run`
command "status", "Modified status." do |x|
output.puts "About to show status, are you ready?"
run "old_status", x
output.puts "Finished showing status."
# bring in a few other commands
import_from Pry::Commands, "quit", "show-method"
# Start a Pry session using the commands defined in MyCommands
# Type 'help' in Pry to get a list of the commands and their descriptions
Pry.start(TOPLEVEL_BINDING, :commands => MyCommands)
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