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direc = File.dirname(__FILE__)
require 'rubygems'
require "#{direc}/../lib/pry"
class MathCommands < Pry::CommandBase
command "greet", "Greet a person, e.g: greet john" do |name|
output.puts "Good afternoon #{name.capitalize}! Do you like Math?"
command "add", "Add a list of numbers together, e.g: add 1 2 3 4" do |*args|
output.puts "Total: #{}"
command "multiply", "Multiply a list of numbers together, e.g: multiply 1 2 3 4" do |*args|
output.puts "Total: #{*)}"
# Explicitly giving a description of "" to prevent command being
# displayed in 'help'
command "exit", "" do
throw :breakout, 0
# Bring in the "!" method from Pry::Commands
import_from Pry::Commands, "!"
# Since we provide math commands, let's have mathematical
# before_session and after_session hooks, and a mathematical prompt
math_prompt = [proc { "math> " }, proc { "math* " }]
math_hooks = {
:before_session => proc { |output, *| output.puts "Welcome! Let's do some math! Type 'help' for a list of commands." },
:after_session => proc { |output, *| output.puts "Goodbye!" }
# Start a Pry session using the commands defined in MyCommands
# Type 'help' in Pry to get a list of the commands and their descriptions
Pry.start(TOPLEVEL_BINDING, :commands => MathCommands, :prompt => math_prompt, :hooks => math_hooks)
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