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-* allows pipes (|) for commands
+* Pry server and Pry client for SLIME style remote repl connectinos.
+* i18n support
+Major features
+* Restructure command system and helpers (almost complete)
+* Delete unnecessary commands, add a couple of new ones (e.g amend-line)
+* Readline history
+* Plugin support
+* Support Rubinius core methods
+* in[] and out[] arrays
+* Improve test coverage (test some commands, etc)
+Minor changes
+* improve edit-method support for various editors
+* ensure all commands have appropriate error handing and informative error messages
+* show-doc should include signature of method
+* multi-line readline support
* allow #{} interpolation of all commands
* update documentation! new commands and features and change in behaviour of `run`
* add ; at end of line to suppress return value output
* Remove message spam (before/after hooks)
-* stop commands returning a value
+* stop commands returning a value
* use `redo` in the r() method when encounter a command
* shell functionality should just use system(), but redirect in and
out to Pry.input and Pry.output by reassining $stdin and $stdout

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