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1 parent f026516 commit 0e1e5524b3baccb00fda9bd0e25665ee3f33d9bc @banister banister committed Apr 8, 2011
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@@ -5,8 +5,7 @@ FUTURE
* add ; at end of line to suppress return value output
* Remove message spam (before/after hooks)
-* stop commands returning a value and allow all statements to suppress
- values being returned by ending line in ';'
+* stop commands returning a value
* use `redo` in the r() method when encounter a command
* shell functionality should just use system(), but redirect in and
out to Pry.input and Pry.output by reassining $stdin and $stdout
@@ -15,7 +14,7 @@ FUTURE
* fix documentation, support rdoc and yard properly
* only load Ripper if 1.9 AND MRI (support jruby 1.9, using
-* secret :cd and :pwd and :ls commands
+* shell commands invokable file .<command>
* supercharge cat-file so it can syntax highlight sourcecode files

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